Cluedo! The New Suspects is opening at Baedeker for a limited season from 28 April 2021. The interactive board game comes alive with amateur sleuths from Brisbane Immersive finding clues, searching for weapons and questioning the iconic Cluedo characters to discover their dark motive.

The charismatic Dr Black has requested your presence at one of his melodramatic soirees. Upon entering Baedeker, you’ll receive a glass of sparkling while you mingle among the guests and enjoy the party. As the evening progresses, it takes a dark, murderous turn. What started out as an elite affair, has now been tainted as an active crime scene.

Step into the world of film noir intrigue and experience the classic board game like never before in Cluedo! The New Suspects. As wine and secrets flow freely and tensions turn to murder as the death of the host spurs an investigation through hidden passageways, grand ballrooms and into the secret lives of the party’s peculiar guests. Underscored by an authentic 1950s big band, stories unravel and lies are exposed in this intimate and rare adventure of immersive theatre that has to be lived to be believed.

Meet six salacious new characters in a world of film noir intrigue. Experience the classic board game like never before as Lady Black hosts an extravagant soiree in her heritage home with her honoured guests Princess Plum, Miss Green, Mrs Mustard, Master Scarlet, Monsieur Peacock, and Mr White.

Solve a mysterious murder alongside Chief Inspector Ash as you uncover brand new secrets, stories, and motives all in the same infamous location. As usual, a new room, weapon, and killer are chosen at random for each show – ensuring a unique experience every time!

For repeat offenders, leave your suspicions at the door, as a new room, weapon, and killer are chosen at random for each show, guaranteeing a unique experience every time.

“Unlike anything we’ve seen before, the immersive experience is one that will leave you laughing, satisfied, and immediately wanting to pull out your old Cluedo! game from under the couch.” (Scenstr)

“Truly immersive, you will find yourself chatting to the crew without realising, believing every word of the storyline they are concocting. There are moments of romance, rage, melodrama and pure joy, all laced with hints of blood in some way, shape or form” (Indulge Magazine).

“There is something exhilarating about engaging directly with a character as part of a performance. Particularly when that performance is so beautifully executed… It represents the best of what theatre can be in this city.” (Weekend Notes).

The event includes an authentic 1950s big band, one complimentary glass of sparkling on arrival, an array of substantial appetisers and small meals, an intriguing investigation and one dastardly murder.

Last season we sat down with Brisbane Immersive’s Company Director, Ben Lynskey to find out more about this not-to-missed live re-imagining of the classic board game. Read all about it here.

The season runs for a limited season between 28 April and 15 May 2021. Click here to purchase your tickets.

Please note: bookings are essential – the early bird tickets are already sold out and there will be no tickets sold at the door.