If you’ve been keeping up to date with our latest wine recommendations, you may have noticed a particular brand cropping up recently, Coulter Wines.  The brainchild of Chris Coulter, this Adelaide Hills-based vintner has been causing a stir on the modern Australian wine scene with their small batch, minimal intervention wines.  So good, in fact, you can find their C2 Sangiovese on our 6 Must Drink Modern Australian Wines list.

We set out the find out a bit more about the man behind the bottle, who loved wine so much he took the plunge into winemaking after a highly successful 22 year chef career!  So settle down with a good glass, and read our interview with Chris, who talks about life in the Hills, challenges and successes, and trends to watch out for on the wine scene.


So, Chris, tell us a little about yourself. 

I’m am basically an ex Chef who loves wine so much I did a winemaking degree and started making wine. I live in the Barossa Valley with my wife Rebecca, and two gorgeous primary school aged children. I equally love food, wine and travel however I enjoy 2 of those things far more than the 3rd.


What does your role entail?

It starts with sourcing great grapes, making the wine, overseeing packaging design, coordinating bottling, visiting potential clients, freighting wine all over Australia and chasing and being chased for money… it is terrifically exciting and satisfying to monitor the entire process from vineyard to glass.


Sounds like it’s never a dull day! What led you to winemaking?

A love of wine! I can genuinely say, I love my job. It is one of my greatest my passions and what gets me motivated every day.


Tell us about your plans for Coulter Wines in future.

​Coulter Wines has always been about creating a business that allows my family and I to travel,  meet great people, be ever challenged and just enjoy life. Lots of other great moments come along in that journey and they are massively important also, however I’ll only know about those as they occur.


Where can people find your wine?

​QLD is a little thin at the moment as I am focusing on sales channels in Melbourne and Sydney however, Baedeker, Grape Therapy, or alternately order online via my website.


You seem pretty busy! How do you wind down?

​Cooking, a glass of wine, time with my kids or road running is always a good way to wash off a little stress.


Have you faced any significant challenges in your career as a winemaker?

No dire challenges, every day is a challenge but that’s how we grow and become better.


What is your proudest moment? 

Fathering 2 great kids and winning 3 golds and 2 best in class at the 2018 Alternate Varieties wine show both rate highly!


Are there any great influences in your winemaking?

French and Italian wines rate highly as aspirations stylistically, there are also a few great winemakers who act as inspiration at times.


What would you say is the best food and drink pairing? 

There are so many however, Duck and Pinot Noir is pretty hard to go past!


Favourite all time wine (if possible!)?

Great German Riesling is amazing.


Give us the inside scoop – what trends should we keep an eye out for?

Early release wines are becoming more and more popular, cleaner wines are making a resurgence and lower alcohols are coming back into favour. Keep an eye out for the new wave of buttery Chardonnays – just an inkling about that one.
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Coulter Wines now serving at Baedeker – pop in to sample the range or to take a bottle home.