Here at Baedeker we love whisky!

A classic spirit distilled from malted grain, especially barley or rye, and loved throughout the ages, whisky is the go-to for many of our visitors. Impress your friends on your next visit with our quick facts about whisky.

  • Spelling – whiskey with an ‘E’ is Irish, some say the lack of an ‘E’ in the Scottish variety speaks to their thriftiness
  • Origin – who distilled it first is still a matter of conjecture. Depending who you ask you will get a different answer but we sit in the Irish camp
  • Single Malt – whisky from a single distillery using a single malted grain
  • Blended Malt – a mixture of single malt whisky’s from a number of different distilleries
  • Blended Whisky – can be a blend of multiple types of whisky
  • Ageing – in Scotland a whisky needs to be aged for 3 years and 1 day to be called a whisky. When a bottle has an age statement it is a reflection of the years in barrel
  • Grains – Scotland uses only barley, in America they use corn, rye, wheat as well as barley
  • Regions – Scotland has 5: Highland, Lowland, Islay, Speyside and Campbeltown
  • 125 pounds is the export value of Scotch whisky per second
  • here are over 20 million barrels of whisky in Scotland

Why not arrange a whisky tasting at your next event? For more information contact our events team on [email protected] or pop in for a relaxing tipple!